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The tech industry is always ready to jump in and create when there is a demand. There are people out there who look for opportunities, and they jump when one presents itself. The sudden switch to remote work after the pandemic hit has created multiple opportunities to facilitate life during these unique times. Take a look at some tech startups to watch in 2021. 

Cockroach Labs

Cockroach Labs was founded by three former Google employees in 2015, and they develop commercial database management systems. When the pandemic hit and many businesses found a need for cloud services, this company doubled its revenue. It stands to continue growth in 2021, and it is currently valued at $2 billion. 


Funnel is a Software as a Service company out of Sweden. They specialize in bringing marketing and advertising data together for clients, and they help them understand their clients’ needs better. This software can automate the collection and preparation of data for businesses, and they can use this information to better provide what their clients are looking for. It has received a lot of funding, and it is looking to expand into the United States.


This software helps developers manage system and application messaging for large numbers of clients. It also allows for streaming data to be added into apps. It is popular with companies, such as Netflix, LinkedIn, and Spotify. The point of this tech is to allow companies to use the open source Kafka, and they are valued at around $4.5 billion.


This company develops processors that are made for AI workloads. These processors are called intelligent processing units, and they made the first graph tool chain. It was also designed for machine intelligence. This is a trending area in tech, and this company is taking off. They have raised more than $700 million.

Final Words

Tech companies are always at the front of new trends, and they are there to fill gaps in the market. They are working hard to facilitate the changes that have taken place over the past year, and they are developing new technologies to make life easier.