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You know that technology has helped to improve the world in many different ways. Medical inventions have had a huge impact on the world, and some medical inventions have completely transformed medicine. Take a look at the medical inventions below that have helped to change the course of medical history. All of these inventions were groundbreaking for different reasons, and it’s worthwhile to take a step back to look at them. 

The Stethoscope

It would be unusual to walk into a doctor’s office and not see a doctor with a stethoscope these days. In the past, doctors would listen to their patient’s chests by using their ears. It was not nearly as effective as using a stethoscope, and this invention is responsible for so many better health outcomes. Being able to listen to a patient’s heartbeat is so important, and the stethoscope makes it possible to do so accurately. 

The Thermometer 

The thermometer is a very common thing today, and you use thermometers all the time to figure out what the temperature is outside or how hot your oven is. A man named Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the first mercury thermometer back in 1714, and that design is still being used to this day even if digital thermometers are becoming more commonplace. Being able to take a temperature reading was a game-changer for medicine, and you can understand how important that became as the years went on. 


Antibiotics are important because they help people to fight off infections. Today, people use antibiotics quite often to deal with various types of infections, but this simply wasn’t possible in the past. The invention of antibiotics saved many lives and made it possible for humans to fight infection with medical science for the first time. The creation of antibiotics improved medicine by leaps and bounds. 

X-Ray Imaging 

X-ray imaging is another technological innovation that made it possible to better treat patients. It became possible for doctors to get an image of what was going on in a patient’s body. Being able to get an image of broken bones and other types of injuries allowed doctors to do a better job coming up with treatment plans. It would be hard to imagine not having X-ray technology in this day and age.