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International trade is such an important part of the global economy. It has an impact on the economy where you live, too. Many people don’t quite understand international trade, though. In fact, there are many international trade myths out there that you should learn more about. 

International Trade Negatively Impacts Jobs

One of the most prevalent myths is that international trade negatively impacts local jobs. This simply isn’t true since international trade actually creates many jobs. It’s estimated that two times the number of jobs are created through international trade than domestic trade. You can see why it’s something that companies and governments focus on so much. 

You Can’t Find Success Unless You’re a Large Company

If you think only large companies can find success in international trade you’re wrong. Businesses of many sizes have benefited from international trade agreements for a long time. Many small companies make significant sums of money by providing things that are sold to international buyers. There are so many opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to thrive due to international trade. 

Export Payments Are Difficult to Process

Export payments might seem like they’d be a pain to deal with, but it’s really not so bad. There are many ways that international buyers can pay you for goods and services. Banks can give out letters of credit and there are also many loan programs to consider. This shouldn’t be something that scares you away from international trade opportunities. 

International Trade Is Just for Port Cities

Port cities do often have great international trade opportunities. However, cities all around the world have similar opportunities. It doesn’t matter what city your company is located in. The potential is there to secure international trade deals. 

Growing International Trade Is Hard

Growing international trade doesn’t have to be hard. There are many resources available for companies that want to look into opportunities. You should check with your local government to look into the details. It’s likely that you’ll find several programs that are designed to give companies information about how to grow international trade.