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A lot of people experience situational anxiety from time to time. They worry about daily events, the future, and more, and they can even feel anxious about anxiety itself. The key is to determine how you will handle the anxiety before it hits you, and when you feel it, have a few ways to combat it before it takes over. Take a look at some ways you can manage situational anxiety. 

Practice If You Can

If you are experiencing anxiety about an upcoming presentation or performance, you can consider practicing before the main event. Get some friends or family members to listen as you do a run through. They can give you valuable feedback before the main event. This provides you with a great opportunity to build your confidence before you have to give the presentation. 

Learn to Breathe

Sometimes when you feel anxiety coming on, all you need to do is breathe. You can learn some techniques that help you breathe and refocus. This is a great way to refocus your mind when you are feeling anxious. You can take slow, deep breaths and feel yourself exhaling the bad and inhaling positive energy. It actually works well, so practice it and you will learn how to do it. 

Find Someone to Talk to

Sometimes having a friend to talk to can make a huge difference. You don’t even need to talk about the thing that is bothering you; sometimes it just helps to relax and talk about anything. By the same token, if you are nervous about a meeting or a doctor’s appointment, you can get someone to go with you. This might help to put your mind at ease. 

Think About What Is Causing Your Stress

Sometimes people feel stress and immediately assume it is a bad feeling. Stress or anxiety can actually be a positive thing. Sometimes the feeling will motivate you to work harder and prepare better for something you want to achieve. You should consider the source of your stress, and determine if it is helping you. If it isn’t helpful, you can talk about it or try to do different things to diminish it.