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With all of the changes brought about by the pandemic, technology has been developing rapidly to keep up with the rising needs. Health care was at the forefront of these needs with people looking for rapid testing and turning to telehealth services online. Take a look at some of the healthcare tech that will shape 2021. 

The Covid-19 Vaccine

One of the most impressive developments is the development of more than one Covid-19 vaccine in less than a year. Several use mRNA in the vaccines, and this innovative technology has allowed them to create a vaccine that is as much as 94% effective, as in the case of the Moderna vaccine. Researchers from around the world have collaborated to come up with an effective vaccine. 

Telemedicine Will Become Mainstream

The concept of telemedicine existed before 2020, but the urgent need helped push the development of the infrastructure and appropriate regulatory systems. Telehealth allows people to see doctors as needed when they are unable to come in person. This benefits people who need to see a doctor as well as the healthcare professionals who need to earn a living. In addition, after going through Covid testing lines and drive throughs have shown people that there are alternatives available. 

Wi-Fi Is Improved

Patients are requiring more monitoring and have more healthcare devices available to monitor their symptoms. As a result, Wi-Fi needs to be more reliable. Telemedicine will benefit from this improved connectivity, so that people have access to monitoring all the time. More clinics will rely on automation and artificial intelligence to monitor the networks, so improved Wi-Fi is a huge benefit to the advancement of medicine. 

Doctors Can Share Data Better

Data from Covid testing, vaccines, and symptom monitoring need to be easy to access. The need for patients to be able to access their medical records online and share them with other medical providers is important. If someone needs to go to a specialist, their doctor can access their records easily. Having the ability to access and share files makes it possible for people to get better treatment more quickly.